Training Modules

The modules in this section will discuss the concept of goal directed fluid therapy and the technologies used to help the practitioner determine where their patients are on their Frank Starling curve so that may optimize the cardiac output and subsequently optimize end organ oxygenation. We encourage all subscribers to focus on this section as it provides the background needed before one can begin implementing a perioperative goal-directed fluid therapy protocol.

Module 1

Importance of Goal-Directed Fluid Management Therapy

Module 2

Inaccuracies of Static Pressure Parameters to Optimize Oxygen Delivery and Non-Flow Guided Fluid Management

Module 3

Understanding Arterial Pulse Waveform Contour Analysis for Perioperative Goal-Directed Therapy

Module 4

Quality Improvement Initiative Overview and SV Optimization Algorithm

Module 5

Clinical Case Presentations

Module 6

Hemodynamic Monitoring and Guidelines for Periopeartive Goal-Directed Fluid Therapy